‘Jean Raspail, the man who disliked saints: ’
Hailed as a prophet and reviled as a racist, Jean Raspail novelized Europe’s immigration crisis—forty years before it happened.
  ‘For mye frihet? Et essay om Frihet, Likhet og Brorskap’
Fra Svein H. Gullbekk (red.) Ja, vi elsker frihet. En antologi Dreyer, 2014 innb. 372 s.
  ‘Explaining Foreign Policy’
Foreign Policy Analysis 2.0: What we talk about when we talk about foreign policy
  ‘Strategy, risk and threat perceptions in NATO’
In: NATO's European Allies : Military Capability and Political Will (2013) Edited by Janne Haaland Matlary and Magnus Petersson
CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE AGE OF MONITORY DEMOCRACY (2013) Edited by Lars Trägårdh, Nina Witoszek, & Bron Taylor Afterword by Bill McKibben
  ‘The Arms Control Regime Under Pressure: WMD Proliferation and the War Against Terror’
Volume 4, Issue 2002 of Shortinfo from The Norwegian Atlantic Committee
  ‘Front page, ISBN & Table of content’
Front page, ISBN & Table of content
  ‘Kenneth Waltz og John Mearsheimer i samtale med Asle Toje.’
Kenneth Waltz og John Mearsheimer i samtale med Asle Toje. Minerva 4 • 2011