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Red, White & Blue - On Democracy in Europe  



Author: Asle Toje

Publisher: Dreyers Forlag.

Format: Bound

Language: Norwegian 

Number of pages: 342. Index, no footnotes, no images.

Published: October, 2012

Editions: 3 (2012), 1st ed Okt 2012, 2ed November 2012, 3rd ed Feb 2013.

Weight in grams: 570

ISBN10: 8282650439

ISBN13: 9788282650434

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Europe is amidst a period of turbulence. The map no longer fits the terrain. The inherited stencils, the concepts which we have used to understand the present cover only part of today's reality. The result is that many of the important questions unfold outside the public debate: What effect did that was working class becomes a welfare class? Why is  Islam strengthened when Christianity is weakened? What impact will it have that Europe does not find room for youth in the labor market? Why is multiculturalism such a bad thing? Why do they grow new right parties took strong in Europe - and how it has become of socialism? This is questions Asle Toje addresses in the book Red, White and blue - About Democracy in Europe The book is a journey through Europe aand a finger on the pulse of the European democracy, how is the state of our Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood?

Table of Contents 



The rat-catcher of Halki 

Infertility in days of plenty (Demography)


From rain to the gutter 

Hamburg: What happened to Socialism? (Ideology) 



Glasgow: When Working Class became Welfare Class . (Socioeconomic stratification)


When worlds collide 

Copenhagen: multiculturalism in practice (looking at Hells Angels as a case of parallel societies)


One last drink with Shane MacGowan 

Dublin: The nation was not dead (A defense of patriotism and the nation state)


Escape from the suburb

Gothenburg: White flight (Why do the white middle class shun immigrant dense areas)


The balloon, flag, blood, iron 

Brussels: Where did all the Europeans go? (The implosion of Euro-idealism)


The Fear of falling 

The Hague: The new right and Geert Wilders (Why do so many Dutch vote for a maligned party?)


They came, they saw, they did not work 

Bilbao - Youth Unemployment in the time of financial crisis 


Back to the suburb 

Paris: Criminal Architecture (Critique of modernist ideals and designs)


Sex, drugs and video 

Prague: When sex is a merchandise (The Porn Industry and moral pragmatism)


A godless place 

Rome: In Italy, the churches are empty (The slow demise of Christianity)



Berlin: Art without an audience (Why art has lost most of its popular relevance ).



  Basic facts about Rødt, Hvitt & Blått - Om demokratiet i Europa